Monday, 26 September 2011

First post in a week!

Hey guys, sorry for my lack of posts, I've been away on a trip with college (I'll share the photos with you soon, when I get my photoshop serial number through).  I've decided to post the rest of the images from the last few posts all in this post, because I have lots of things/images to post!

Anyway, here we go.....

This is Brendan, my flat mate, who kindly offered to be my subject for the 'Someone you live with' photo.  

This is the local Chinese takeaway up the street from me.  This was a bit of a snap shot as I was walking past, but it won me a roll of film!

I saw this interesting door when I was out in town.  It was the only door in the side of a very long building, maybe I should have got a perspective shot.....

This is a bin.  Bins are disgusting and smelly.  

This was shot in Hyde Park, unfortunately I only had one lens on me at the time, and I didn't want to get too close. 

I tried to get the clouds moving by stacking ND filters, but I couldn't quite get it right, so i went home and had some breakfast!

This cloud was huge! About 5 minutes after shooting this, I got soaked!

I hope you enjoy these, I shall hopefully be putting more photos up soon!


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