Sunday, 1 April 2012

An Evening in a Field.

Apologies for my severe lack of posts recently, I have been incredibly busy with college work deadlines and such, so I have been unable to go out and work on personal projects.  As I am now at home, I thought I would take the opportunity to have a few days to relax and chill out.  As I also had access to a car, I thought I would drive out into the country and photograph somewhere a bit further afield.

I have bought a new camera too, so this was an ideal time to try it out in the field (no pun intended).  The camera I have bought is a 5X4 view camera, an example of which can be found here.  I have been shooting on Fuji Velvia colour transparency, which is an amazing film, although rather expensive.

The photo you see above is a digital shot, I won't be able to develop the film until I get back to uni after Easter, but I will be sure to share the results with you.  I also shot a panorama at another location just up the road. Unfortunately I couldn't upload the photo here because the file was too big, but you can see it here.  For the most part, i am very happy with the results, of today's shoot, but there is just one part of the panorama that bugs me.  I didn't use a strong enough filter in the shots to the right of the picture, so the sky is blown out.  I feel that this really draws my eye to this part of the image.

I think I will go back and re shoot this panorama at some point.  I hope to have a lot of photos to share with you over the coming weeks.



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