Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New Things....

Hello everyone, sorry for my lack of post's recently, I have been busy getting my work done for the end of uni, which is now over! First year of uni done! Anyway, I have a few things to tell you.

I have started a new website, which you can see here.  The website will be updated with recent work, and on going projects.  I am still tinkering around with it, so it might change a little over the next few weeks.  This will hopefully get my work out there a bit more, so I would be grateful if you could show your friends/family!

Also, I have started a couple of new projects now that I have more time off.  The first is called Spaces.  With this project, I am looking at how ordinary spaces look and change when viewed through the lens, and ultimately, how they look as a photograph.  I like the idea that that one photograph is a record of how that particular space looked at that particular time, and it will probably never look like that again.  This is an ongoing project, which is already on the new website, so take a look!

The Second project is still in its infancy, I suppose more like a 'foetus' actually...Anyway, I went on a walk with a couple of friends recently, and we wandered up to a strip of woods at the back of a playing field near where I will be living next year.  Immediately I was struck at the beauty of this place, I had no idea it was there, and I certainly wouldn't have thought it was in Leeds! We spent a good couple of hours in there, just exploring and taking photos.

After returning home, I realised that I could do some sort of project involving these woods.  I don't really have any reason for the project, or even a name, but I know that I am drawn to this place, and I want to take photographs there, and make a record of how it looks at this time.  I will keep shooting and I will let you know of the progress.

I have got tonnes of film to develop, so keep your eyes open for more posts coming soon!


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