Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Night On The Town...

This evening I went into town to get a shot for one of my briefs.  Having got the shots I needed, I made a quick detour into a car park near by.  I was struck by how calm these empty spaces seemed, amidst the still busy city.  Also, the ambient light was just right, it wasn't completely pitch black, but the street lights had come on, which made for an interesting blend of natural and ambient light, as well as fluorescent light.  I had to play around with the colour balance to get the images looking realistic.

I have a lot of work to finish at the moment, but also some days off coming up.  Hopefully if the weather is nice I'll be able to take a walk and see if I find anything to shoot.  I also have film to develop and scan, so I'll be sharing those with you soon.



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