Monday, 15 August 2011

Holiday Photos!

I recently went to Keswick with my girlfriend, which was fantastic! These two photos above are just a couple of examples of the photos I took, you can see more here.

Sarah was amazingly patient whilst I shot the photos; luckily it wasn't too cold!  We had a fantastic time, going on massive walks almost every day, and Sarah showed me all the great places to shoot.  We managed to catch a couple of wonderful sun sets, which made for excellent photos!

I can't remember exactly what settings I shot these photos with, but with nearly all of them, I used a 28-80mm or 14-55mm lens, with a variety of filters; ND4s, ND8s, ND4grads.  I managed to shoot a few rolls of film too, which I will certainly post when I get them back from the developers.



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