Friday, 26 August 2011

The Man Behind the Camera

Here are a couple of self portraits I am working on for the task that Leeds College of Art have sent me to do before I start my course.  I also have to read a photography book and write a 500 word response to it.  

Anyway, lets talk about the photos now.  The top image, was shot through my Bronica, using my 7D.  I used a 28mm lens at f/2.8, and natural light.  I was looking all over the house to find a suitable place to shoot, asking mum if I could move furniture, which resulted in a look that said; 'Don't be silly'.  I took 2 shots, one to get the exposure right for the Bronica, and one to get the correct exposure for the viewfinder.  I then copied the inside of the viewfinder to the image of the Bronica in order to get a final image that most resembled what I saw looking through the Bronica.  

The bottom image took me most of yesterday to set up.  I had to empty the garage room, then move my kit to the centre of the room, and hang up a couple of white sheets on the walls to block out the shelves.  I then set up my flashes around the kit, and tethered my camera to my mac.  I set the camera to take a photo every 5 seconds, 15 times.  I set the flashes to sync go off when the shutter went up, and just before it came down again.  With a long exposure, the movement of my drumming becomes apparent, which is why you can see two of me in the photo.  By the time I got this shot, I was tired and sweaty, and on the edge of giving up!

Also, I should be getting my film back from jessops soon, which I will scan and post whenever I get the chance.


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